Merchant Credit Card Services


We offer a wide range of credit card merchant services to meet all of your business's needs for processing credit card transactions and depositing money into your credit card merchant account. If you don't know what service you need, we will explain all of our services and help you pick the right one for your business. Our merchant service options include:

  • Credit card processing with rates as low as 1.22% and no long term commitment
  • Credit card machines to help you quickly and easily complete credit card transactions
  • Online credit card processing to accept payments on your website securely and quickly
  • Gift card processing to create and maintain an electronic gift card system for your business
  • Check processing to accept payment by check and get instant deposits to your  account
  • ATM machines to place in your store, which provide income from surcharges and increase customer spending
  • Retail credit card processing for all types of retail businesses
  • Restaurant credit card processing that takes into account the unique needs of your restaurant
  • Mobile credit card processing with high-tech solutions that integrate with your mobile devices
  • Telephone credit card processing for companies without a credit card machine

We represent a merchant service provider with high-quality customer service. Many merchant account providers set you up and let you go on your own, but here at Merchant Consulting Group, we provide high-quality merchant services whenever you need us. Our award-winning customer service team is here to serve you each step of the way, from your initial call to Call 978.462.9206 to get a quote, to walking you through the process of setting up your credit card merchant account and troubleshooting any problems you encounter.