Go Green and Recycle Your Toners

Go Green and Recycle Your Toners

This year, Earth Day is April 22, which is a day when people think about recycling and taking better care of the Earth. How green are your printing and office practices, your company overall, and the companies you work with every day? Read on to learn how you can improve how you “give back” to the Earth when you choose Adams Imaging Systems.

Rent, Don’t Own

Your office equipment is good for the environment from the start when you rent instead of buy. Once you no longer need the equipment, either when your busy tax season is over or your needs have changed, you simply “recycle” it by returning it to us. We’ll keep the equipment in storage until another customer has a use for it in their own rental.

Be Compatible with Going Green

When you choose compatible toner cartridges for your printer, you’ll find the same quality as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges and the added benefit of helping the environment. The newer manufacturers of compatible ink and toner cartridges use recycled components in their production process to be friendlier to the Earth and “go green.”

Don’t Let Cartridges Sit

If you stock up on backup compatible toner cartridges from us, and you have to replace your copier machine for one that doesn’t use that specific cartridge, you’re not stuck with those compatible toner cartridges. Certainly don’t throw them out. Instead, we’ll take back the unused toner cartridges and provide you with full toner credit. Those cartridges will find their way to a company that can use them.

Stay Out of the Trash

A shocking 350 million printer cartridges are thrown straight into the trash when a company is done with them. That’s the equivalent of 11 ink and toner cartridges thrown away every second that wind up just sitting in piles in the local landfills. Why not recycle your used ink and toner cartridges instead? If you work out of your home, you can put your cartridges into your recycling bin. Another option is to bring them to a local office supply store that will be glad to recycle your used ink cartridges for you. If you’re one of our customers, we’ll recycle your used cartridges for you.

Close the Loop Recycling

We are part of the Close The Loop Recycling Program. Close the Loop is a leading global recycler of imaging consumables including inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges, drum units, copier bottles and more. Using state of the art materials separation processes, all cartridges are recycled without any waste winding up in a landfill. First and foremost, Close the Loop focuses on reuse, with the priority being to get the product back into the supply chain. Close the Loop is committed to the principle of managing its operations in an environmentally responsible way.

Guaranteed Quality

Here at Adams Imaging System, we stand behind our offerings and our commitment to sustainable business practices, including compatible toner cartridges. In fact, we guarantee our compatible toners for three years after purchases for acceptable “by you” use. If you have a problem with the compatible printer cartridges that you purchased in that time, we will provide you with a replacement.

Call Us

Adams Imaging Systems has an extensive inventory of compatible printer toner cartridges made from recycled components, as well as a full range of office equipment you can rent. We offer quality products, service, and technical support that sets us apart from our competitors. Give Adams Imaging Systems a call at 978-462-9206.

We do offer Free Recycling for customers and others. Want to start a Recycling program at your office? We will provide you with a plan and boxes with prepaid labels to ship them back. Call or email Ken Adams for information.